Proud of America?

One of my nephews recently told me that he could think of nothing about America to be proud of. I was astonished and appalled. He’s certainly intelligent and has even served his country in the Navy. So how did he come to believe that there’s nothing to be proud of about the USA? I blame it on the educational system, although he claims that isn’t the cause. I don’t know. From what I've seen, the modern curriculum consists of pointing out all the bad this country did, from slavery to oppressing Native Americans to denying women their rights. In other words, children are being educated by a litany of victimization. Needless to say, any nation this large and powerful has done its share of shameful things. But I'm hard pressed to recall any country that has also done more for the benefit of humanity than the United States. I'm also hard pressed to think of any country that has greater freedom, corrects more of its mistakes, offers greater opportunities for achieving prosperity, and that has more heart and decency.

No country does more to alleviate suffering in the world. No country responds like this one to catastrophes. No country sends more food, medicine or charity abroad than we do, and not only does it come from our government, most of it comes from private citizens. A survey of US military operations indicated that over 80% were humanitarian in nature.

No nation does more to achieve world peace than the USA. No country does more to free oppressed people. We've suffered the death and maiming of our youth to save what are now ungrateful countries. We've been the bulwark against totalitarian ideologies that would have strangled more of the globe than they already got away with if it weren't for America.

This is a nation whose culture permeates the globe, whose economy props up the economies of most of the world, whose scientific output and innovation far surpasses anywhere else on the planet, whose people are free to explore, create, and argue. I frankly find it inexplicable that the youth of this country who have been given so much take this nation for granted and then say they aren't proud of being an American. It's actually worse than inexplicable, it's shameful.

I blame it on the termites that constantly gnaw at the foundations of this great country. Those termites, also known as to me as the statist authoritarian collectivists, have slowly brought about a change in our culture, our mores and our politics to the point where we now do have much to be ashamed of, and if allowed to continue undermining us, will bring about the collapse of the "shining city on the hill."

Personal responsibility has been turned into victim mentality and a sense of entitlement. Achievement has been turned into an injustice against those who chose not to or could not compete. Enforced equality, regardless of merit, is deemed the highest social good. Individual sovereignty has been subsumed under collective labels and those so designated treated accordingly. Rights that were once considered divinely granted are now said to be bestowed by the benevolence of government. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are obeyed by these arrogant would-be commissars about as much as the 55 MPH speed limit signs on the interstate. Behavior that was once considered unfit for public display is on exhibition without inhibition. Guilt is now our heritage, not pride.

And who is to blame? Some would say the Frankfurt School of Marxists who decided that the best way to bring down capitalist America would be to subvert our culture, destroy our schools, and indoctrinate our children into believing America is a cancer upon the Earth. Others would say it's the counter-culture people of the 60's moving into positions of influence. Regardless, the termites are at work and have taken over congress and the White House. Michelle Obama never found anything to be proud of about America, either.

I also believe that individuals come and go through various lifetimes, working on their own karma, learning lessons, and evolving. But I also believe that there are larger forces at work in human history, and that the United States was meant to expand and become the most powerful nation on Earth for a purpose. We may have achieved that purpose already by stopping the spread of the most pernicious evils ever seen in the form of totalitarian fascism and communism. We may have more tasks ahead as we stand firm against Islamic barbarism and continue to be a beacon of freedom, tolerance and hope in this world.

But I defy you to look through human history and see the likes of another country such as ours that has acted so unselfishly for ideals that are unique and spiritually advanced, such as the worth of the individual. Our creation was not an accident. It was the culmination of human history, the pinnacle of political and social evolution up to our time. If we exceed our charter, it won't be because of those who don't see anything of value in America. Those are the ones who will drag us down if they can. Those are the pessimists, the blind purveyors of negativity, like so many mosquitoes infecting everyone else with the disease of defeatism, of cynicism, and of hatred. Like leeches, they will suck the red blood of patriotism out of every American until we're the withered husk of what was once the greatest nation on this planet.

So for those who feel that there is nothing to be proud of in this land, I can only suggest you move to some workers' paradise and experience the alternative. The rest of us will do what we have always done, try to perfect the Republic despite human frailties and imperfections that sometimes need to be overcome before we get it right. We've done it before and we will do it again.

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