These are photos I've taken on my travels.  I've manipulated them using Photoshop Elements to make them more artistic.
Coastal northern California
Coastal northern California
Eel River, northern California
Sierra foothills, northern California
Stream in Klamath Mountains, northern California
Old stagecoach track near Truckee, California
Old building in northern California's Sierra foothills
Cobra plants near Mount Shasta, northern California
Meadow, about 12,000 feet elevation, in San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
Near the California border with Nevada.
Atop Sandia Crest (over 10,000 feet up) near Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jungle on Phuket Island, Thailand
Near an old abandoned mine in Nevada
Chimayo Sanctuary, New Mexico
Old temple at Luxor, Egypt
Saqqara step pyramid, Egypt
Iguacu Falls on border of Brazil and Argentina.
Looking across the Nile River from Luxor, Egypt
Mount Shasta, northern California
Flowers on slope of Mount Shasta, northern California
Flowers on the slope of Mount Shasta, northern Calfornia
Village in Thailand
Looking into Nevada from California
Salladin's fort in Cairo, Egypt
Cave in northern California
Serbian church in Kosovo
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