Obama's Dream

Is Obama the Antichrist?  Some people think so.  Of course, there are many other candidates for that coveted position.  It seems that anyone in a position of power is labeled the Antichrist.  Prince William, Oprah, Vladimir  Putin, George W. Bush, Gorbachev, Pope Francis, you name it, have all been bestowed with that odious title.  The Bible actually refers to anyone opposed to Jesus as an antichrist, but the term is usually used as the name for a particularly evil person who appears at the end of the age.  Whether there is such an Antichrist remains to be seen. 

There's much in Daniel and Revelation concerning the characteristics that many Christians believe refers to the Antichrist, including rising from obscurity, being boastful and very articulate, head of a powerful military, calls himself a man of peace, followers think he's the Messiah, has no regard for the Christian God, and so forth, all of which have been applied to Obama with good reason. The Antichrist also has no regard for the desire of women, suggesting he's gay, which is also said about Obama, or perhaps, Muslim, which is another epithet applied to our current president.

However, the Book of Daniel was probably written during the Maccabean rebellion and is nothing more than a collection of tales (Daniel 1-6) followed by a history (Daniel 7-12) of the various empires in the region including a lengthy depiction of the six wars fought between the Egyptian Ptolemies and the Persian Seleucids along with depicting the oppression of Jews by Antiochus IV Epiphanes. The Book of Revelation, probably written about 95 A.D., has hundreds of references to Old Testament passages but mostly concerns the Roman Empire and its emperors. As with much of the apocalyptic literature of both Jews and Christians, the end times were expected to be within the lifetime of the writer. So to view them as prophetic for our current age would require that history repeat itself.  Or that what has passed is symbolic of what will be.  Some Biblical scholars insist that such passages apply both to their times in which they were written and the end times.

My own view is that, as the Bible says, there are many antichrists, that is, people opposed to the Christian spirit, and history is full of powerful but evil men. Perhaps there really is a Satan who possesses various people, jumping from body to body throughout history.   It's also possible that this is an evil spirit that can reside in more than one body at a time.  Is Obama one of them?

Consider this:

Barack Obama once had a dream that he wrote about in his book, "Dreams From My Father."  It goes like this:

“I finally fell asleep, and dreamed I was walking along a village road. Children, dressed only in strings of beads, played in front of the round huts, and several old men waved to me as I passed. But as I went farther along, I began to notice that people were looking behind me fearfully, rushing into their huts as I passed. I heard the growl of a leopard and started to run into the forest, tripping over roots and stumps and vines, until at least I couldn’t run any longer and fell to my knees in the middle of a bright clearing. Panting for breath, I turned around to see the day turned night, and a giant figure looming as tall as the trees, wearing only a loincloth and ghostly mask. The lifeless eyes bored into me, and I heard a thunderous voice saying only that it was time, and my entire body began to shake violently with the sound, as if I were breaking apart. …I jerked up in a sweat, hitting my head against the wall lamp that stuck out over the bunk. In the darkness, my heart slowly evened itself, but I couldn’t get back to sleep again”. [Dreams from My Father, 372.]

Since I've been studying Christian eschatology, I thought it was quite interesting from that perspective and so decided to interpret it.  If nothing else, from a psychological and spiritual perspective, it's quite revealing.  So, here goes:

- Children dressed only in strings of beads, played in front of the round huts,

Children usually represent innocence and naked children may signify vulnerable ones. The string of beads my indicate spirituality since rosaries and japamalas are associated with religion. In other words, the children represent pure spirituality and goodness. The round huts may represent churches or other places of religious significance.

- Several old men waved to me as I passed...

Old men represent established religions who acknowledge him.

But as I went farther along, I began to notice that people were looking behind me fearfully, rushing into their huts as I passed.

As he continues his journey, which probably represents his passage through life, he sees that something fearful is following him, so much so that the spiritual people seek shelter in their churches or other religious places. This means what's following him is probably destructive of goodness and represents evil.

I heard the growl of a leopard and started to run into the forest,

The leopard is interesting. In the Bible's Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel, both indicate the Beast as having the body of a leopard. The leopard may represent the spirit of the antichrist. In any case, the growl warns him that this predatory evil is coming for him, so he runs into the forest.

- tripping over roots and stumps and vines,


To escape the pursuing evil, he runs into the forest probably as a place to hide or elude the leopard. Of course, the leopard is at home in the forest, so the forest represents life on earth, the realm of the devil, with all the obstacles that can trip you up and hold you. In other words, what trips him up are the spiritual pitfalls that allow evil to overcome you.

- until at last I couldn’t run any longer and fell to my knees in the middle of a bright clearing.


He's no longer able to elude the beast because he has to confront his fate, and now finds himself in a bright clearing, representing vulnerability. There's no where to hide. Moreover, the clearing, being bright, brings stark clarity to his situation.


- Panting for breath, I turned around to see the day turned night,


Night, or darkness, typically signifies evil. So he's now enveloped in evil and he can no longer see a way out.


- and a giant figure looming as tall as the trees, wearing only a loincloth and ghostly mask.


The giant figure was the one who sent the beast (leopard), in other words, the devil. He's very large, indicating his power. He's wearing only a loin cloth, so he's what would be considered a primitive savage. What's more, he's wearing a ghostly mask, indicating that he hides his true face behind an illusory cover.


- The lifeless eyes bored into me...


Eyes are the windows to the soul, and this evil figure is spiritually dead. Yet, he's able to see into the dreamer. There's no deceiving this devil. He knows who the dreamer is right down to his spiritual and psychological core.


- and I heard a thunderous voice saying only that it was time,


A thunderous voice signifies power and authority. And saying it was time indicates that he can no longer escape some task or purpose in his life. He can't run. He can't hide. He can only surrender to whatever it was he had previously agreed to do. It's like he sold his soul and now it's time to pay the devil back.


- and my entire body began to shake violently with the sound, as if I were breaking apart.


Not only is he frightened by the power of the voice so much he's shaking, his identity is falling apart. He will no longer be who he was because the force of the devil's power is transforming him. The old self is being destroyed to be replaced by the vehicle that has the task or purpose.


It's at this point that the dreamer awakes in a sweat and can't get back to sleep.   So,  is Obama just a latter day Dr. Faustus, who sold his soul to be president?  Or could it be he really is the Biblical Antichrist? 

Consider this:

Many people assume that the "Beast" of the Biblical Revelation is a man.   Actually, Revelation says he's a number of men, all kings and future kings, i.e., heads of state or other powerful positions. Presumably, king number seven is the Antichrist. See Revelation 17:

"Then the angel said to me: “Why are you astonished? I will explain to you the mystery of the woman and of the beast she rides, which has the seven heads and ten horns.... The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits. They are also seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; but when he does come, he must remain for only a little while."

The ten horns are future kings, according to the angel. Interestingly, this Beast has a head, that is, head of state, with evidence of a serious wound on it. Presumably, it's the current head of state who's the Antichrist. See Revelation 13:1-3:

"The dragon stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. It had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on its horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority. One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed."

So, what head of state seems to have recovered from a head wound? That could be Barack Obama, who has scars on his head suggesting his skull was either smashed or had been opened for surgery. Of course, his medical records are sealed just as all of his records are, so we don't really know.

Perhaps the giant figure in Obama's dream is the "dragon" who is granting Obama his throne (the presidency) and "great authority."

Notice that the beast gives rise to the various heads, so the beast is not a person, it's either Satan or some ideology that consistently gives rise to tyrants and dictators.  Ideologies differ, of course, but those that have created unmitigated evil have all been anti-human, whether feudalism, communism, Nazism, or these days, Islam.  So the Antichrist will arise out of some ideology that has contempt for human beings. 

One of the more famous attributes given to the Antichrist is the "Number of the Beast", that is, 666.    If Obama is the
Beast, how does that number relate to him?  We do know that the ZIP code for downtown Chicago where Obama worked is 60606 and that on the day Obama was elected president the Illinois lottery winning number was 666.  We also know that Obama's birthday, August 4, is the 216th day of the year and that 216 is 6x6x6, and that the first time the word "Barack" is used in the Bible is Chapter 216 (Judges 4:6, where there's a character actually named Barack).

But the name Barack appears elsewhere in the Bible.

In Luke 10:18,  Jesus says, "I saw Satan fall from on high like lightning."  This actually translates literally into the words Barack Obama as indicated by Hebrew words in Strong's Concordance:

1116 bamah bam-maw' from an unused root (meaning to be high); an elevation:--height, high place, wave.

1299 baraq baw-rak' a primitive root; to lighten (lightning):--cast forth.

1300 baraq baw-rawk' from 1299; lightning; by analogy, a gleam; concretely, a flashing sword:--bright, glitter(-ing sword), lightning.

It's also interesting that another translation of Barack can mean to curse God.

1288 barak baw-rak' a primitive root; to kneel; by implication to bless God (as an act of adoration), and (vice versa) man (as a benefit); also (by eupheumism) to curse (God or the king, as treason)...

So Barack 'Bama can mean "cast forth lightning" from "a high place" while "cursing God." Notice that Revelation 13:1 says the head of state will have a blasphemous name and "cursing God" certainly qualifies. I've seen it said that  the "O" in front of Bama in Obama's name means "from" in Hebrew but I've found no verification of that. In any case, it seems a strange coincidence that the name Barack Obama is so similar to that Jesus used to describe Satan.

Or is it?  It turns out that Jews, too, are expecting their version of an anti-Messiah during the end times, a world leader they call Armilus.  Two Jewish scholars, back in May 2007, predicted Obama would be elected president of the United States, despite his unfavorable chances back then, because he fit the description of Armilus.  They also base their prediction on the gematria of his name.  Gematria is a system of assigning letters a numerical value.  Armilus is supposed to be identified by these signs:

1. A man unsuitable to rule will be be brought into power in the Last Days.

2. His ego will know no bounds.

3. People will be taken in by his charisma and power of speech.

4. He will claim to be a Christian, but is not.

5. He will the representative of a evil world body which will claim to represent the true Messiah of Israel (Islam).

6. He will set himself up as a Messiah figure. Certainly there is no lack of evidence that Obama is seen as a Messiah figure among many of the foolish people in America and to lesser extent the world at large.

Armilus will be the one who attacks Israel and Jerusalem.

The "Testament of Solomon", a Jewish tract written about 200 C.E., has Solomon materializing and talking to a host of demons.  One of these is Beelzeboul (usually called "Beelzabub"), the prince of demons.  Solomon asks him various questions, including this one:

"I Solomon said unto him:  'Beelzeboul, what is thy employment?  And he answered me:  I destroy kings.  I ally myself with foreign tyrants.  And my own demons I set on men, in order that the latter may believe in them and be lost.  And the chosen servants of God, priests and faithful men, I excite unto desires for wicked sins, and evil heresies, and lawless deeds and they obey me, and I bear them on to destruction.  And I inspire men with envy, and desire for murder, and for wars and sodomy, and other evil things.  And I will destroy the world.'"

Consider that Beelzebub means "Lord of the Flies."  Interestingly, Obama seems to have a problem with flies pestering him, and some have jokingly called him the "Lord of the Flies." 

If you look at Beelzebub's job description, it seems to match what Obama has been doing since becoming president.  He's destroyed kings (presidents of Libya, Egypt, Yemen) and allied himself with the Muslim Brotherhood tyrants.  America's allies have been shunned and our enemies courted.  The moral code that once was a cultural given in this country has been steadily eroded and Obama has racially divided this country, fostered resentment and envy, condoned sodomy, murdered even Americans with drone strikes and has continued the war in Afghanistan while precipitating one in Libya.  And with his agreement to let Iran have a nuclear weapon, he very well may destroy the world.  So is Obama Beelzebub? 

Revelation 6:2 states that: "And I looked and there before me was a white horse.  Its rider held a bow and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest."  Strangely, the White House website showed a picture of Obama sitting on a throne in the Oval Office holding a crown with a crossbow prominently displayed.  

As for the White Horse, it was displayed above the stadium where Obama gave his acceptance speech in Denver.

Moreover, the stage at Invesco Field was modeled after the Altar of Pergamon, which the Bible called the throne of Satan.  (The Nazis were so enamored of the Pergamon altar that they modeled some of their architecture after it.)

And if the universe is sending a message, there's also the strange coincidence of the character playing Satan on a TV show resembling Obama.

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