Jihadist Pick-Up Lines

I read that Arab terrorists are recruiting women now, and that made me wonder how they pick up chicks.  So, presenting the top 10 Arab terrorist pick-up lines:


10.  I'm in training for paradise. Are you a virgin?

 9.  Are those real, or are you just packing explosives?

 8.  I'll bet you look sexy in a little black abaya.

 7.  I was going to stop off at the synagogue after work and down a few.  Want to join me?

 6.  Okay, so I'm married. But I only have three wives.

 5.  Some friends and I are going to an assassination tonight. Nothing fancy. Just small arms. Thought you'd like to come along.

 4.  I'm going on a suicide bombing mission and I might not come back. 

 3.  I'm not kidding. I know bin Laden personally.

 2.  Your mosque or mine?


And the number 1 Arab terrorist pick-up line:


1.  Baby, you're so fine it's a crime.

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