It's with increasing unease that I've witnessed the growing totalitarianism of what I call the lunatic left in this country. These reprobates justify their lust for total control by selling the snake oil of their superior bureaucratic solutions to life's problems, but only if they have a monopoly on power. That level of hubris when combined with the arrogance of believing that only they have moral sanction for their political agenda means they are entirely justified, in their own minds, to suppress any opposition.

The mildest form of suppression is codifying political correctness. When you control the language, you control the culture and culture is upstream from politics. Throw in critical theory, and you denigrate normative values as a means to disintegrate the social structure and breed dissension and violence. Combine that with Marxist postmodernism, and you can dismiss any logical argument or reference to facts as inferior in quality to the validity of emotions. After all, there is no truth per se, there is only the truth contained in words, even if they are self-contradictory. The philosophers who created these ideas wrote them in dense, ambiguous texts of utter gibberish that bear no semblance to reality. But their ideas were popular because they promised, so to speak, freedom from that reality. Hence, any assertion, no matter how insane, can be valid if it's merely thought to be. Initially introduced into America by the refugees from the Marxist Frankfurt School, their ideas spread throughout academia as Cultural Marxism. During the counter-culture rebellion against the "establishment" in the late 1960's, the popularity of such purveyors of intellectual sedition such as Marcuse, Gramsci, Fromm and many others, was generally the result of their call to break down the social and cultural norms of Western Civilization leading to liberation from oppressive social structures (economic, political, gender, sexual, even family). The adherents to this madness spread from the social "sciences" and humanities into every other school offering influence over culture, especially education and journalism. The graduates then began their long march through the institutions resulting in control over academia, education, journalism, media, entertainment (music and Hollywood) and, of course, government. It's a passive revolution that has largely succeeded where any violent revolution would have failed.

The next level is to slander and vilify opponents with such terms as fascist or Nazi. Notice that for the lunatic left, the main enemy is not even capitalism. It's the rival gang. It's as though the Bloods accuse everyone they hate of being the Crips. Both National Socialists and Communists are equally vicious oppressors of human rights, although the Communists racked up a much larger body count in their efforts to achieve utopia (for the nomenklatura, at least), but in modern America, the Communists are seldom criticized or suffer from any disapprobation. The Marxists remember that in Weimar Germany it was the Nazis who crushed their revolution (the Communists took over Bavaria and attempted a putsch to take over the federal government). Even the main author of Cultural Marxism, Gramsci, had to write his books from a jail cell in Fascist Italy. So to the lunatic left, their greatest fear is that Trump will turn out to be a Nazi who puts them all up against a wall just as Hitler's Storm Troopers did to their Anti-Fascist Action Group (the old version of Antifa) ancestors. Iit's also clear that given a chance, the lunatic left would do the same to conservative, patriotic Americans. But it's not only that the right will rise up and destroy them that they fear, they also fear the spread of ideas that are antithetical to their Marxist doctrine.

So the last level is to actually change the laws or at least disregard the Bill of Rights to legally suppress free speech, the right to bear arms, the presumption of innocence and so forth so that in the end, people they loathe and fear can be jailed or even executed without recourse to a real trial. Even now, the left is using prosecutors to investigate the lives of their opponents, or anyone they can squeeze to use against their opponents, in order to find a crime. Meanwhile, they will use the law to shield actual crimes by their own cohorts because once you install ideological bedfellows into the law enforcement and judicial systems, then a nation of laws becomes a nation of political corruption and persecution. Elections are means to install such comrades into office and because the ends justify the means, fraud and illegal voting are acceptable and also shielded by a judicial system of activist judges who also, by the way, overturn duly authoritative actions by the chief executive in favor of the left's agenda.

The left's passive revolution is much like a cancer. it started with one tumor, in this case, the Frankfurt School's core of Cultural Marxists, but then metastasized throughout the body politic. At this time, the body politic is riddled with that disease and is perhaps terminally ill. In medicine, the fight against cancer has traditionally been either slash, burn or poison the cancer cells and hope the cure isn't more damaging than the disease itself. Perhaps the only choice now is to use unconstitutional means to destroy the disease, such as martial law and the military arresting the worst totalitarians infecting our society, but that risks long-term damage to our nation's values and laws. Doing so through Constitutional means would probably not be efficacious since the judicial system is so compromised by the Marxist disease. Those who believe Qanon is for real may take comfort in "the plan" as the solution to cure our nation, and perhaps it may come to that. But a president who uses the military to round up his political opponents will likely be judged in much the same way that Hitler was after the Night of the Long Knives when he eliminated his rivals. Unless the American people were convinced that these people committed actual crimes as the result of open court proceedings, there would always be suspicions. Moreover, eliminating the worst of the corrupt left would not uproot a disease that is pervasive. It might even cause it to spread. Permanent martial law is not what we fought a revolution for.

I think that in the end, the American people, especially those on the left, suffer from ignorance and indoctrination and given the actual facts may actually turn against the Marxists who are out to destroy America. But it will take a way to counter the lunatic left's messaging by using some means to get out the facts, including the story of American exceptionalism, why we are the most free and prosperous nation in the world. the sordid history of totalitarian regimes, how valuable liberty is to human progress and how easy it is sink beneath the tidal wave of Marxist propaganda. Perhaps the solution is to require such education in our schools and academia so that, especially the Marxist Reeducation Camps we call universities, can present a real balanced viewpoint. The truth is powerful. it just needs to be aired.

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