Cloward-Piven Again?

Is there a deliberate plot afoot to destroy capitalist America as prelude to a Marxist takeover? Consider the evidence:

The Democrats have proposed a government takeover of the health care insurance industry by driving out of business private insurance companies. This will cost already overburdened taxpayers trillions of dollars, drive up the federal deficit astronomically, destroy jobs, and may very well wreck this country’s economy. Depending on which bill finally emerges, it's also clear that it will not cover everyone and will lead to rationing health care via government fiat.

This same party has already quadrupled the federal deficit this year from what it was under the last administration, while proposing to spend at least 9 trillion more dollars that we’ll have to borrow from our enabler, China, over the next ten years. The dollar may well become next to worthless and the odds are not good that we’ll escape runaway inflation. Such massive debt may very well wreck this country’s economy. At the least, taxes will be raised on the only people left who still pay taxes, the upper middle class and the rich. Increasingly, those who pay taxes are a small minority and being a minority, have no say in how they're taxed and how their taxes are spent. Most of what the Democrats have enacted or propose to enact is simply income redistribution, thereby creating a huge class of government dependents who will reliably vote Democrat and continue to soak the productive members of society.

The Democrat party wants open borders to ensure this country is flooded with illegal immigrants, mostly from that dysfunctional neighbor to our south who makes your own neighbor seem almost normal unless, of course, your neighbor is also doing drugs and killing cops. Very soon, these “undocumented Democrats” will enable that party to create a permanent governing majority. In the meantime, our schools, hospitals and government services are going broke under the onslaught. What’s more, schools have to cope with illiterates who can’t read or write in hundreds of languages. Added to the illiterates we’ve already created with our dumbed down schools, thanks to the Marxist teachers unions, and it’s a wonder each school isn’t named “Tower of Babel.” Massive illegal immigration may very well wreck this country’s economy, not to mention social tranquility.

The Democrat party also intends to install a carbon control “cap and trade” regime that will drastically drive up energy prices, hike taxes hugely, destroy jobs, and spread misery (except for Al Gore, who’s getting rich off of his scaremongering). It should lead to a sharp reduction of our economic output by 2050. Never mind that the scientific evidence for man-made climate change is highly politicized and controversial at best and a fraud at worst, as the "climategate" scandal has demonstrated. Moreover, no serious alternative sources of energy can be approved by the Democrat controlled congress. Solar and wind energy will not power our economy, although hot air does power Congress. Capping carbon dioxide emissions and causing energy deprivation will severely damage our economy and may very well wreck this country’s economy. Socialist governments desperately want global warming since it gives them an excuse to micromanage and eventually take over virtually all industries while justifying a huge tax increase. Corrupt climate scientists are being paid by these governments to produce the desired scientific outcomes and to suppress any skeptics. And some industries stand to make money off of government mandates, while some individuals, such as Al Gore, make millions off of carbon exchanges.

Have you noticed a pattern here? The Democrats have to realize that the program they’ve set out to inflict on this country will create extensive damage that could easily wreck this country. It’s as if they’ve declared war on America. Are the Democrats stupid or misguided? (If you’re a Republican, you don’t have to answer.) Or is there some deliberate plan?

Back in the 1960’s, two Marxist academics named Cloward and Piven wrote an article that outlined a strategy to destroy American capitalism through the deliberate creation of a crisis. Their idea was to flood the welfare roles to the point where the system could no longer handle it, resulting, they hoped, in urban riots when welfare recipients were no longer being serviced. This Cloward-Piven Strategy resulted in the creation of a welfare rights organization, the shift from temporary welfare to a permanent welfare class, and the rise of community organizers such as ACORN and others. They implemented the strategy in New York City and managed to bankrupt it.

Cloward and Piven were socialists, belonging to the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a branch of the Socialist International. Cloward is dead now, but Piven is still a prominent member. The organization had, as of 1998, at least 12,000 members, including one US Senator from Vermont and a few congressmen. In 1991, the DSA formed the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), which currently has about 70 congressmen as members from the far left of the already far left Democrat party. In fact, the CPC lists as their legislative objective, the “Progressive Challenge”, a political and economic agenda that was created by the DSA and is also listed on their web site. (The Progressive Challenge no longer lists income redistribution as a goal. No sense alarming people.) What’s more, the DSA created a political party, the “New Party” who ran as their candidate in Illinois, one Barack Obama.

Obama was raised by Marxist parents. His chief mentor growing up was Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA. Obama stated in his autobiography that while in college he deliberately sought out the radical students and Marxist professors. And as a community organizer and upcoming politician in Chicago, he associated with such Marxist radicals and mentors as William Ayers and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, his pastor. (Wright was a student of Cornell West, the Marxist founder of black liberation theology. West is another prominent member of the DSA.) As president, Obama has stocked his extensive list of “czars”, who haven't been confirmed by the Senate or even vetted adequately, with assorted Marxists. What all these people have in common is that they hate America as it currently exists. They hate our capitalist system. They hate our foreign policy. They hate our affluent way of life. And they want to drag us down.

When Michelle Obama said she had never been proud of this country, you can be assured that she reflected the views of her husband and his associates. Keep that in mind. For these Marxists can only love America when America is transformed into a nation akin to Castro’s Cuba or Chavez’s Venezuela. In fact, you can see various members of the DSA, such as actor Danny Glover, and other leftists making pilgrimages to these worker’s paradises to pay homage to their Marxist leaders. Imagine what America would be like under a Marxist administration. Then consider this: we already have one.

In 2009, for the first time, the DSA actually took charge of America through its surrogates. With Obama in the White House, Nancy Pelosi in the House, and Harry Reid in the Senate, the key leadership positions are all in the hands of avowed socialists. Suppose, then, that the DSA members of congress, along with Obama, decided to apply the Cloward-Piven Strategy, writ large, to the United States. Is that the pattern we’re seeing?

Remember, the idea then was to flood the welfare roles with more clients than could be handled. Suppose that, through the so-called Obamacare, they intend to drive private insurers out of business (actually admitted to by Obama and Pelosi) and thereby flood the government’s insurance plan with more people than can be handled without bankrupting the nation. Suppose that by spending such astronomical amounts of money they flood the nation with cheaper and cheaper dollars until hyperinflation breaks out as the debt to China and elsewhere has to be monetized (printing money). Suppose that they encourage a flood of illegal immigrants until local governments services, unable to bear the pressure, collapse. What’s more, to add more damage, these illegal immigrants then drive down wages, and agitate to restore Mexican sovereignty over the southwest USA. Suppose that by severely repressing carbon dioxide output while blocking increased energy production, they reduce our economy to almost pre-industrial levels.

The net effect of all this would be to create a monumental crisis, and in the words of Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, no crisis should go to waste. Perhaps what Emanuel didn’t add is that no opportunity to create a crisis should go to waste either. Perhaps the idea is to create such severe crises that the government will have to declare martial law or a state of emergency, thereby enacting the socialist agenda by fiat and the silencing of any critics. At the least, the idea might be to make as many people dependent on the Democrats as possible in order to ensure their continuance as a governing party that can then enact more and more socialist schemes at their leisure.

So, is the whole Democrat agenda a deliberate socialist plan to take over after the downfall of capitalist America? Remember that the DSA is a branch of the Socialist International. The European Union is a socialist, hyper-bureaucratic entity whose main problem has been the United States. European capital and entrepreneurs can flee the socialist state for America only so long as America is still capitalist. If the United States is ever to be integrated into a one-world socialist union, this nation has to be destroyed as we know it and replaced with something akin to France of Sweden as a starter. From there, it's on to Cuba or Venezuela.

The American Revolution created the world’s first and only nation dedicated to the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of each individual, with rights Constitutionally guaranteed, and a limited government restrained from interfering in your life. But since the Great Depression, there has been a counter-revolution underway by Marxists to undue the greatest country in the history of this Earth. The irony of defeating Marxism in the cold war only to be undermined by Marxism at home is appalling. Is it inevitable?

American citizens need to understand that there's a war going on for the heart and soul of this country. Those who believe in American exceptionalism, that is, the idea that we are a unique and valuable "shining city on a hill", who still believe that the America we once knew is worth saving, need to become politically active and defend this country against the most insidious threat ever to face us.

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