Air Pelosi

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is too concerned about her personal security to utilize commercial flights between the nation’s capital and her district in San Francisco. She insists, as have other Washington officials, that she must have the use of a US Air Force jet, and to show she isn’t a complete wimp, didn’t even insist on a fighter escort. It happens, however, that she turned down an Air Force offer to use one of their business jets for her commuting needs. Instead, Rep. Pelosi wanted a 757 equipped with a conference room, entertainment center, sleeping accommodations, seating for staff, friends and family and a crew of 16. Moreover, she wanted the cost of flying the aircraft, which would amount to $600,000 round trip, taken out of the Defense Department’s budget rather than her own meager office expense account. And that provision that millionaire Pelosi’s family members would have to pay the government for the ride must have been unacceptable.

So, as I understand it, the Speaker of the House, who is second in line to the presidency (after the Vice President), believes she is either a target for terrorists, or flying commercial isn’t safe. However, if the Speaker met an untimely demise, it would have no effect on national security or succession to the White House. The House of Representatives would merely have to offer up another member for possible sacrifice and this time, might even select a minority member. Moreover, I doubt that terrorists would target her since they appreciate her efforts to help them succeed in Iraq. My suggestion is that if Rep. Pelosi truly believes she’s a target if she flies commercial, then she could save the taxpayers a lot of money by simply flying under an assumed name back in coach while wearing a wig and sunglasses. She might even consider not wearing makeup. And if she could resist giving a speech to the other passengers on why this plane should be transporting troops back from Iraq, nobody would notice her.

On the other hand, maybe the Speaker thinks that, unlike your typical Air Force base, commercial airport security is so lax that flying on one of those bankrupt airlines puts your life at risk. If that’s the case, perhaps more could be done to improve airport and aircraft security. Or maybe Rep. Pelosi thinks it’s perfectly acceptable for the taxpayers to live dangerously in the unfriendly skies, but not exalted and certainly more important members of Congress.

In any case, upon learning that the Air Force shot down, so to speak, her bid for a mere extravagance, Rep. Pelosi’s minion, Rep. Murtha, darkly hinted that it wasn’t wise for the Air Force to reject the demands of those who determine the Air Force’s funding. No wonder the White House was on her side. Next thing you know, Queen Pelosi might have Congress reallocate Air Force One for her exclusive use.

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