A repository for most of the sense and nonsense of Thomas Wolke. 

I'm  a retired intelligence analyst with 25 years at the Defense Intelligence Agency and a couple of years at the National Counter-Terrorism Center.  My degree was in geology and I've also worked as an automotive manufacturing engineer, civil engineering technician, and assorted other jobs.  I'm also a trained hypnotherapist specializing in trans-personal hypnosis, such as past-life regressions and spirit contact. 

My highest values include love, truth, liberty and beauty, and  my interests include metaphysics, the paranormal , reincarnation (see my website on it called Reincar-nation), history, photography, nature, and writing (screenplays and the essays listed on the left).   I'm also an animal lover, especially dogs.

I'm a native of Detroit, Michigan but spent about 1o years in California as a kid and 28 years in suburban Washington, DC. Now I live in suburban Charlotte, North Carolina.  If you're interested in contacting me, my email is varenya1@aol.com

Most of my essays are political, reflecting my libertarian/conservative philosophy, while others are spiritual.  Some of them are just opinion, some are rampant speculation, and some are satirical humor.  

As an intelligence analyst, I was bound by the constraints of available intelligence, which was typically spotty and frequently bogus.  It's much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle when most the pieces are missing or don't actually belong to that puzzle. Despite that, I had to make estimates of the future without going beyond the intelligence.  That would be speculation. Now you know why so many world events were missed by the intelligence community.  Now that I'm retired, I'm free to speculate and use my imagination to devise various scenarios.  That doesn't mean I'm necessarily right, of course.

The bottom of the list on the left includes links to my screenplay logline page, in case you're looking for a script, some of the photographs I have taken in my travels, and  poetry I wrote once upon a time.  Thanks for dropping by.

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